Thursday, May 6, 2010


A tree from far away looks calm
The leaves are uniformly leaves
The trunk is uniformly a trunk

As you move closer the tree becomes busy.
The bark on the trunk has texture.
The leaves are blinds that shade the sun,
but don't blot it out completely.

Then you come right up on the tree.
The bark on the trunk is teeming with life.
It is a city for insects, birds, and mammals.
The leaves have veins that accept nutrients
from the complicated network of twigs that run
up from the life teeming trunk


In essence it is golden
community in silence
lives more prosperous

in silence I support you
in silence I love you
in silence I sacrifice for you

There is no one important in silence
We are all equal
You are just as important as I am
There is nothing I can say that will ruin the
love I have for you
There is nothing you can say that will ruin the
love you have for me

Why then is silence so uncomfortable?


It is hard for me to trust you
It is hard for you to trust me


You CAN trust the spirit in me
I can trust the spirit in you

The spirit can move in our silence
The spirit speaks our peace

How often do we listen to the spirit at work within us?

That is why we are uncomfortable
We are not very good listeners

In silence we listen to be comfortable with each other.
In silence I listen to my savior
As I understand my savior
I understand you

because you are in relationship with him

Silence is my haven
I get to know you without conflict

And as we grow in Christ
I will grow in relationship with you

Silence is golden