Monday, March 28, 2011

Mountain Town

Mountain Town

Abandoned by their outcast owners, these cabins lay open with nothing but animals to keep them company. A community that depended on one another for Shalom in this tiny mountain town. “the havenots calling in the listless wind”

Homes unopen to the public. no eye to tread upon these broken floors, Nature treads where these sojourners once stood. She takes back this home. Daffodils sprout up over the dead and lifeless community like a welcome mat

This once domesticated mountain turned wild. A leaf falls on the roof with just enough weight to cave in the mountain town, bringing down the wood for food. The mushrooms take back what the hunters have stolen. They eat away the flesh of the town. Its skin is digested by the roots of the flowers that invite the bees to come by.

A new community thrives where these hunters once stood. The bears eat the honey, and hang around the mountains streams catching fish. This new creation out of this fallen community thrives like never before. Someone is looking out for them.

In celebration we return to this mountain town to see what comes from destructed domesticity.