Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I dreamed we were all together biking to get ice cream.
Of course we were all excited. You and I led the pack.
Then we got to the ice cream truck.
There were two men inside. They wanted to steal our money.
We took one of the guys down then you and I had a mortal combat with the two guys.
We won and had awesome ice cream to share with our friends.

porcelain heart

I miss you everyday.
Your name flows through my head when I pray.
I weep at my demise.
Who is here to pick up my pieces but the Lord.
It is like I was being held together by him.
The pieces of my porcelain heart are being glued back together.
Some are being held in place.
God gave me the glue.
I have to do some work for this putting together to work.
God holds me together,
but sometimes the memory of what happened shakes me up so much, I break apart once again.
I still miss you, and pray for you.

I am so glad you will never read this, but sometimes I just need somebody to.