Thursday, April 21, 2011

Desert Restoration

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  1. Desert Restoration
    Taking my shoes off to enjoy the sand
    The heat feels good on my cold soles
    They begin to burn, but I am convinced they will feel good again.
    I ignore the pain.
    It doesn’t hurt as bad as I think.
    Looking up to the horizon, I see a wall of sand.
    I know there is no running from this storm.
    There is no way I can turn the storm.
    There is no way I can affect what the storm is about to do.
    As the sand boils up, I know I will just have to cower as it passes overhead.
    After the storm passes I am blistered and beaten
    I came to this desert to free it from its searing heat
    I came to show the desert what its life could be like
    I see the mountains in the distance.
    They keep the cool sea air far from this place so that I dries up.
    I want to bring the rain to this parched earth
    Restore what was lost so long ago
    The only problem…
    I can’t do it by myself.
    Rally the troops.
    Bring in the legions.
    Make these mountains be laid low.
    Fill the valleys
    Restore the land from a harsh desert to a blooming oasis.