Saturday, October 15, 2011

I must love Saturday Mornings

A wonderful beautiful morning is spent hating the rain. I jump out of bed and get ready for day with a shower. As I get out of the shower the dripping continues. It is the rain outside. My first thought is, ”crap I have to bike to bus station” Where is my phone maybe I could run and get my friend to pick me up? My phone is lost. I think it is down stairs, but truly I have no idea. I find my phone, I run out of the house with all my stuff ready for a fresh start. I get on my orange handled bike. I change gears to go downhill and my chain gets stuck. I take 5 min to fix my chain, and by the time I get down town the bus that I usually catch is gone, 2 minutes late. These occasions usually call for much disappointment because I am late for work. I am wet, and I am frustrated. I respond with sarcasm that ends up changing my whole perspective.
While fixing my tire and biking in the rain in the dark in 50 degree weather I tell myself I have a great life. I have a job. I am biking there. I have my health. I have friends that love me. I am biking in the rain, I love the rain. I repeat it over and over again as I fear for my life when cars pass me in the dark. Then I make it to the bus station with my discovery. I don’t scream, but I do yell loudly about how great life is. Then I bike around the bus station while singing a song I just made up. Of course I am told that I can’t bike under the awning of the bus station because I can’t bike on the bus platform, so I bike around the outside in the rain singing loudly. When I realize that this activity truly isn’t that fun, I bike back to the bench where my bus usually stops. I begin to read about God and his end time Revelation. With the beauty of life I sing about his glory. I dance around the station rejoicing in his beauty. The moon comes out from behind the clouds with a morning star. I can’t help but sing about the glory of God. These statements are no longer sarcastic. I am truly moved by God. I return to reading about the glory of the end that has no end. I get up and sing again about the glory of God. I can’t stop myself. When the hour turns to five after, I sit down and read until the bus pulls up. My antics of the morning are lost to everyone but the night watchmen at the bus station and the poor man who was walked up to sit at bus 6 bench while I was biking and singing.
As I sit and reflect, I realize how God planned it all out. He wanted me to praise him. He wanted me to spend some quality time with him. He used my sarcasm for his glory. He changed my attitude at 5:30 in the morning. Glory to God in the highest. Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me praise the Lord of hosts. Praise the God that can pull me from the depths and raise my soul. He is worthy of praise and honor. He changes the world. He is my lover that chases after me. He holds me at night, and raises me for the activities he has planned me to do. I don’t use an alarm because I know the Lord of Lords will raise me for my work. I have to be up at 4:30 when I go to bed at midnight. He will rise with me, because he watches me slumber. Oh Lord how gracious are you to such a creature. I am dust and you raise me. You breathe you breath into me afresh every morning.
After all my activities my usual bus driver tells me she is no longer leaving from the station Saturday morning but from the bus depot. I was not late. I just missed the connection. Glory be to God, because he connected me to him instead. Glory be to God. Your mercies are fresh every morning. Thank you my king, my lover, my friend, and my savior.

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