Sunday, November 21, 2010

God works in mysterious ways

The Air is charged with your presence
electricity that immobilizes my muscles
Your touch brings those muscles to life once again
I can go about my duties once again
You encourage those duties saying I have done well
I fall before you in great sadness
For I have said and done things against you.
I have wronged you. You pull me close and say
"It is all right. I love you, and you are forgiven"
I rest in your arms
You stroke my head to calm my spirit.
A peace beyond understanding washes over me
I am unburdened to serve
I leave your arms to go about my duties
as a servant
I try to always be serving.
My pride disappears when I serve
You encourage me to serve.
Even as my tears fall on your feet in great remorse,
and I wipe them off with my hair
You encourage me to serve
I want to serve you,
but also everyone I come into contact with
I have the strength and perseverance
to do so because you have given them to me
Thank you

My Love

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